William Schecher, L.Ac.
How Can Acupuncture Help?
From a Chinese medical perspective, symptoms arise as the result of underlying imbalance.  The focus in Classical Five Element acupuncture is to restore this underlying balance, allowing symptoms of all kinds to resolve.

This is a holistic approach, meaning that treatments are not directed toward suppressing symptoms, as in Western allopathic medicine, but toward encouraging each person’s unique relation to life and health.

Psychological Issues
This holistic approach is especially helpful when encountering psychological or emotional challenges in life. Classical Five Element acupuncture is very effective in treating depression, anxiety and other difficulties to our spirit. The search for a meaningful life and the struggle to be in life in a full way seems to be part of modern living.  Acupuncture can provide a “reset” and help us get reoriented to what really matters to us, not by suppressing our emotions, but by helping us access a more authentic and animated relationship to life.

Symptoms That Are Commonly Helped:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Fatigue
• Stress / Tension

Physical Issues
Of course, many imbalances appear as pain or discomfort in our bodies. Acupuncture sees this as an obstruction of the flow Qi (pronounced “chee”) along one or more of the body's acupuncture channels. An obstruction creates a backlog that is pressing to flow downstream, much like a dam on a river.  This is experienced as pain or other discomfort. Through the selection of appropriate acupuncture points, the obstruction can be released and the symptom alleviated. This encourages normal function and healing, as well.

Pain Symptoms That Are Commonly Helped:
• Pain from injury or trauma
• Chronic joint pain / osteoarthritis
• Low back pain / sciatica
• Shoulder and neck pain
• Headaches and migraine pain
• Abdominal pain
• Menstrual pain

Non-Pain Issues
• Hay fever / rhinitis / sinus infections
• Asthma
• Bladder issues / UTI
• Constipation / Diarrhea / IBS
• Heart problems

Complex Issues
In addition, there are many conditions that don’t fall into easy categories - syndromes that are difficult to diagnose from a Western medical perspective and are even more difficult to manage. Living with these types of conditions can feel uncertain and isolating.  Acupuncture can provide a more integrated approach that is both psychological and body-centered.

Examples Of Complex Issues:
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Fibromyalgia

Cancer Support
Acupuncture can be a tremendous augmentation to conventional Western treatments for cancer. Chemotherapy can have many side effects, such as nausea, that acupuncture can help to reduce. In addition, the process of cancer treatment can be emotionally challenging. The emphasis that acupuncture places on body, mind and sprit can be an important part of recovery and emotional resiliency.

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William Schecher, L.Ac.