Elizabeth R. Schecher, L.Ac. 
Classical Five Element Acupuncture
Classical Five Element Acupuncture
Classical Five Element acupuncture is based on age-old healing principles that support the entirety of a person, bringing integration and harmony to all levels of the body, mind and spirit. With its ancient roots in Chinese Daoism and other Nature-based philosophies, this form of medicine asserts that we are fundamentally whole, that we are an integral part of the natural world, and that we have an innate capacity to move toward health. It also makes an essential distinction between the concepts of curing and healing, the former being a function only of a person's physiology, the latter relating to that unified wholeness.

The practical consequence of this non-dualistic medical philosophy is immediately recognizable - the placement of steel needles into deliberately chosen energy points and pathways affects both a person's physiology and psyche. We know, inherently, that a human being is far more than a collection of parts and unrelated ailments. So it is a great relief to be seen and treated from the point of view of an integrated bodymindspirit.

Classical Five Element acupuncture is effective in treating physical problems, such as asthma, back pain, IBS, menstrual problems and headaches, as well as psycho-spiritual issues like depression, anxiety, phobias and sadness. Always, it addresses us as a whole, never neglecting to treat our bodies while over-emphasizing our spirits, never ignoring the emotional component of our unease while treating only our physical ailments.
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